Changing Demographics Make Open Enrollment Challenging

Looking for ways to make your open enrollment season more successful with changing demographics? Demographic trends impact how employees learn and engage. The right messages at the right time in the right format is important.

Employers spend a lot of time preparing for open enrollment and it’s important that your efforts are impactful on your employees.

Millennials now represent the largest group in the workplace. They want communication that is short and easy to understand using digital means including graphics. Make enrollment meetings fun with contests and games. Consider adding educational tools to make the process interactive and informative.

Survey your employees to find out what benefits are important to them and what features matter most. One of our clients recently surveyed their employees and found that health club benefits rank highly as a desired benefit. This type of benefit can be structured as a reimbursement account with lots of custom flexibility. Contact us to learn more about Wellness Reimbursement Accounts.

Keep in touch with your employees throughout the year to discover learning opportunities and identify future ways to improve open enrollment.

Here’s an article about some creative best practices that employers are using to catch their employees’ attention during this important time of year.

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