Instead of spending the afternoon in meetings, phone calls, and emails, the team at 121 Benefits spent it preparing 270 lbs of fruits and vegetables volunteering at Open Arms, a local nonprofit. Open Arms is a Twin Cities nonprofit that cooks and delivers free meals to people living with life-threatening diseases.

The 121 Benefits team was far from timid when diving into the afternoon challenge. In the midst of chopping 30 lbs of green peppers, chopping and peeling 100 lbs of carrots, dicing 40 lbs of apples, and slicing 50 lbs of cucumbers, the team was able to assemble 169 meals of jerk chicken, coconut rice and sautéed kale, package 165 cups of coleslaw, and bag 768 apple strudel bars.

Open Arms does incredible work for the Twin Cities community, and the team at 121 Benefits is grateful for the opportunity to help nourish neighbors in need. This was 121 Benefits third year volunteering at Open Arms, and it definitely won’t be the last.