Missed joining us for the National HSA Awareness Day broadcast? You can view the replay of the broadcast here.

What is HSA Day?

National HSA Awareness Day is on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. It is a day that unites the public and healthcare benefits industry to discuss the power of health savings accounts (HSAs) and their impact in fighting prevalent healthcare issues facing Americans today, including managing health-related out-of-pocket expenses, preparing for unexpected healthcare costs, and planning for retirement.

Take a moment to connect with Jean Chatzky, host of HerMoney podcast and educational ambassador for HSA Day, about why HSAs are so important. From tackling rising healthcare costs to planning for retirement, HSAs are powerful savings tools.

Why choose an HSA?

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are a powerful way to leverage pre-tax savings to save and plan for out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Plus, they are a great way to save for retirement. It’s no wonder they are often described as a “rainy day fund” or a “security blanket”. Users of HSAs find peace in knowing that they’ve taken care of their families by putting away money from their paycheck in case something happens (and they feel good about the pre-tax savings, too). Read more about them here.

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